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Martedì 10 Dicembre 2013 Serata dedicata alla Toscana e al Brunello di Montalcino con la Cantina Rocca delle Macie

Natale a Pranzo  e Santo Stefano  Aperti

Tutti i Giovedì a Pranzo Carrello dei Bolliti Misti

Al Rigolo è disponibile un menù dedicato ai celiaci.

Disponiamo di rete WIFI libera per i clienti

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In a precious book written by Dino Buzzati and Osvaldo Patani, "The legs of Saint Germain", I have  found  this  epigram : " The Femmes of Latin quarter swallow  oysters  with  open wide legs".

What an inviting combination: a wonderful place, good food, beautiful women. There are places that recall timeless atmospheres, microcosms that present unexpected emotions. It is beyond doubt that Rigolo is one of these places. When Wilma and Franca with Sivaldo and Silvano Simoncini, in the night of 18 November 1958, inaugurated their adventure in a Milan where there was above all the desire of sharing ideas, maybe they don't expected that their "Ristorante Toscano" should be soon turned into a room of memory, where writers, journalists, artists, business men, stylists and beautiful girls love to meet each others. Where are born journalistic investigations, fragments of romances, poems, pictures and why not some love-story too.

Really a strange place this Rigolo. Forty years went by and there is someone that from that 18 November, like it should be a sacral daily rite, every day is present, always at the same time, at the same table: more than fidelity, a kind of devotion that is understandable only knowing the history of this restaurant and of the men that keep it alive.

This Web-site is out to extend the circle of friend, of  devout persons. To  celebrate Rigolo, nay Doctor Rigolo (As Pericoli and Pirella teach us calling in this way one of their most famous character) many writers, journalists and artists are combined, the people that almost every day come together again to speak and laugh between a 'Pappa col pomodoro' and a 'Castagnaccio'. Oscar Wilde says  " Easy pleasures are the ultimate shelter of complex men" . Then here we are ,with this electronic manifest, to tell an easy thing: the joy to be in a place when you feel like at home.

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